The American Mortgage Diversity Council (AMDC), an independent membership organization focused on advancing the conversation of diversity within the mortgage industry, created the Diversity & Inclusion Directory in response to a pressing need recognized in the mortgage industry of targeting diverse partner, including minority, women, LGBT, disabled, veteran, or diverse in other areas, owned or operated businesses

This national directory identifies and hosts information on companies that fall under a diversity classification and allows companies in search of diverse vendors to have one central location to find the services they need by searching locally and nationally for services in the legal sector, property preservation, valuations, title, and many more.

1. Who Should Apply?

We encourage all companies that are minority, disabled, veteran, women, LGBT or diverse in other areas to be a part of this inclusive directory. We welcome all areas of the mortgage industry to submit an application and have a featured profile. Not sure if you fit under any of these classifications? Diversity is an endless celebration – contact and let us know how your company embraces diversity and be included in the Directory!

2. Submit Your Listing

Creating a profile listing is a simple process – the first step is to fill out the application found HERE, and include any certifications and or affiliations you would like listed. The application should include all of the featured company’s information as well as the primary point of contact. The more detailed the application is, the more resourceful the profile becomes. The submitted application will be reviewed and the listed primary point of contact will receive the approval.

3. Be Listed

The Diversity and Inclusion Directory is a collection of company profiles and will be available online and with limited print distribution to servicers, government agencies, and suppliers that are looking to engage diverse companies in supply chain. The directory will be marketed to thousands of servicers and government officials who are looking to engage diverse organizations. Grow your business and expand the visibility of your brand.

Apply today!